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After Care

Due to it durability and with the right care, your beautifully polished floor should last 7-10 or more years before any rework is required. 

We recommend using

  • Felt pads under furniture to protect the finish.
  • A short pile mat at the door (but only after the floor is completely cured eg. 14 days).  This will help as people can wipe their feet to minimize dirty shoes leaving marks and scratches.
  • Antistatic dust mops are okay for cleaning.
  • VCS Timber Floor Cleaner. We supply this product.


VCS Timber Floor Cleaner

Vacuums or hard bristled brooms not recommended for polished timber floors

What not to use:

  • vacuums and hard bristled brooms could scratch or damage the finish,
  • too much water
  • vinegar
  • oil products
  • wax Products

Our staff will tell you what coating products have been used and hence which cleaners might be available. 
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the care of your timber floors.