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Polyurethane was developed in the 1950’s.  It’s a liquid resin made from plastic, and provides a durable finish to hardwood floors.  This gives them a beautiful finish (gloss or satin) and is easy to clean.

Note: The drying times mentioned below are only an approximation. Variables in weather conditions (ie temperature, humidity etc) can have a major impact on the time needed for drying and curing depending on the coating products used.

There are two main types of coatings each with their own advantages.

Water Based Polyurethane


Water based polyurethane coating beautifully enhance the natural look of the timber.  They are

  • Non combustible
  • Non toxic,
  • Have a low odour,
  • Fast drying,

It's touch dry in 4 hours, needs 12-13 hours between coats, and about 3 days to fully cure.  Because it's non-toxic, you don’t need to vacate premises.

The water based finishes we use are Intergrain Enviropro or the Bona range of coating products.

JarrahTimber  Floor - Satin Finish

Solvent Based Polyurethane

Jarrah Timber Floor - Gloss Finish

Solvent Based Polyurethane coatings have a more durable finish and require minimal maintenance.  However they

  • are combustible to flammable
  • require a longer wait time before you can recoat your floors, up to 18 hours
  • gives off a temporary toxic vapour which lasts about 4 days.

It is touch dry in 6 hours, needs 18-24 hours between coats and 7 days curing time. Because it's toxic, we highly recommend you vacate premises for at least 2 days after the final coat for the vapours to dissipate.
The coating can be a shiny gloss, a classy satin.  The colour of the timber will also darken with this type of coating but that might be, of course, the effect you want.

The solvent based finishes we use the Polycure and Handley range of floor coating products


Oil Based Coating


Another type of finish we use combines natural plant oils and waxes. It provides a durable finish to the timber that is also easy to repair.

We use the well regarded Osmo Oil for this type of finish.