Niche Timber Flooring: Perth's Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing specialists
What coating finishes do we use ?

Either solvent or water based polyurethanes.

The water based finish is non-toxic, non-yellowing, environmentally friendly finish so is best for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems. The resulting finish gives the timber a lighter, more natural appearance but might not be as glossy.

The solvent based can give you a high gloss if that’s what you want. Although a silky satin or matte finish is also available. It can also deepen the colour of the timber.

What products do we use ?

We’ve tried many different products but prefer the best in the market today, ie.

Do you have to vacate the house ?

If we are using the solvent based coating, we recommend you do. This finish has a toxic vapour which takes up to a week to clear. It can be especially harmful to people with respiratory problems.

Pregnant women can also be at risk with both finishes. Please ask more about this if you are concerned.

How long does the job take ?
Every job is different but generally, we work on 20-30 square metres a day. So the average house with 100 m2 of flooring with take 3-5 days for the sanding and polishing process.
Do you need to move all furniture?
Yes, we recommend you move the furniture and clear any other things away from the work area before we commence.
Do we do floor preparation?
Most of our clients take up old flooring covers (eg. Carpets and vinyls). We can do this if needed, but will charge accordingly.
Can we fix damaged floors?
Depending on the damage. Some jobs may be too big or outside our expertise. We will be open and honest with you about what we think should be done.
What about gaps and nail holes ?

We punch nails and fill them with appropriately. Knot holes and gaps can be filled also. We will tell you if there are any issues and clarify the cost in the written quote.

We don’t recommend filling gaps between floorboards as they are always shrinking and expanding with differing temperatures.

What about all the rubbish?
We will tidy up and bag the rubbish. You’ll have to show/tell us where to deposit the bags in or near the bins.
What about dust?
Even though we have the latest dust-free machines, there may be some dust. Hence we recommend closing off the rest of the house and furniture as much as you can. We will try to keep the dust to an absolute minimum.
How long before your floors will need a re-coat?

That would depend on how well you look after it. If it is looked after properly (see our After Care page for details), it shouldn’t need a re-coat for over 7 years.

When building a new house or renovating, is there a specific order in the process that the floors are done?

As there are many different tradesmen needing access to areas of the house, it is important to do the sanding and polishing process at the right time. To maximise the finish, sanding and coating should be done last. However painting could be done after that, with extreme care and well after the curing time.

If carpets are being laid in other parts of the house, it is recommended that it is done a few days after the curing process is completed. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this more with our staff.