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Some preparation work by you is also needed before we start the job. 

This includes:

  • Removal of all furniture etc
  • Removal of old flooring eg carpet, vinyl etc (if applicable)
  • Curtains or window dressings should be removed or lifted from near the floor and covered.
  • As much as possible, make sure there is adequate ventilation, lighting and power for the job
  • Even though dust from the sanding will be reduced with the modern equipment we use, some dust will be unavoidable.  Hence, it might be best to shut doors to the other parts of the house and/or cover furniture or equipment if applicable.
  • It would also be advisable to seal any openings where dust could get in from outside that might spoil the beautiful finish at the coating stage.


Move furniture in preparation for timber floor sanding and polishing
On our part, we will punch nail holes and fill all knot and large gaps if applicable.  
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